The Calgary Zoo

When we usually go to the zoo we head straight to see the Hippo's and Giraffes!  But not this time.  We thought since the Hippo's were "unavailable" today, why not take a walk into the Canadian Wild!  WOW!  Why haven't I gone in there before.  Maybe I thought because I live here, I've seen it all.  Okay I've seen the Bighorn Sheep driving through the Rockies, and the Mountain Goats on my way to BC... BUT

 This owl is something I've never seen before.  The biggest, most beautiful owl I've ever seen!  I was in reach of him, and he just posed for my camera.  It was truly amazing!  WOW! 

Now, here's a bird I've seen.  Mostly along the ponds and side lakes in Alberta.  The beautiful Whooping Crane. 

And this magnificent bird, the Bald Eagle.  They are able to live anywhere in North America where there are suitable nest trees, roosts and prey species.

And a familiar animal to Canadians, the Grizzly Bear and Black Bears!  These ones at the Calgary Zoo were enjoying a lazy day in the sun. 

And the cougars!  Wow.  Big kitty.  Growing up in the Kootenays in BC you know there's cougars in the mountains, but I've never been this close to one.  Nice kitty. 

The Calgary Zoo is a GREAT place to take the young and old.  If you plan on going at least 3 times, then pick up a seasons pass.  We usually get an Engage adult seasons pass, Connect gate passes for the kids, and a Connect Gate Guest pass.  This way you can take a guest like your husband, grandparent, nanny with you.  And it's not specific for one person.  In total, for us paying 2 adults, one child and one infant (free) it came to $170.  That's for the whole year.  If you buy a one day  general admission pass for the same people it'll be $55 PLUS parking $5.00 for a total of $60.00 for the day.  So your membership will pay off in 3 visits.  For more information visit their website at http://www.calgaryzoo.org/.
Christina Rowsell ~ September 2011

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